Merasmus is the greatest magician out there - if you ignore the fact that he earned that title by winning a game of hide-and-seek. When he prepared this year's Scream Fortress, he followed the usual recipe: 3 teaspoons of spicy haunted pumpkins, a spoonful of racoon hearts, and 1.666 comically large spoons of devilish nightmares. Unfortunately, he got the measurements wrong, because he used imperial spoons instead of metric ones (thank you Soldier and your damned units). As a result of his unfortunate miscalculation, he decided to give us two thirds of a Scream Fortress, while trying to convince us he did a perfect job this year.
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Decades ago, Merasmus had two books. One was called the Bombinomicon, and the other… well, he can't remember. Obviously, Merasmus preferred the Bombinomicon over that other book, because he left that other one accumulating dust on a bookshelf. When he moved into a new apartment, he left the book in a cardboard box reading “DO NOT OPEN (that means you, Soldier)”. What Merasmus didn't know, which is surprising for a magician of his supposed allknowing-ness, was that the book was starving to death. If you listened closely to the box, you could hear something inside say “souls… Give me souls…”, but you couldn't hear it very well. That's why Soldier opened the box and asked the book to repeat again.

“I am the Tainted Tome,” yowled the book, “and I crave for souls!” “Well too bad,” answered Soldier, “because I do not have one anymore!”

Angered, the Tainted Tome attached itself to Soldier's belt, and ordered him to go out and collect souls. The end. Of that spooky Halloween story. But your story with that cursed book is just beginning, and to be clear: when you see how many souls this book wants you to obtain, you will poop your pants.

Throughout history, boring nerds have often dreamed about creating a time machine. While they were talking about how great their machine was going to be, we managed to build one in three months. Now typically, when asked what they would do with a time machine, people tend to give boring answers like “I'd kill my grampa” or “I'd see what my kids look like in the future”. Instead of doing any of that boring-ass stuff, we decided to travel back to prehistory to see what came first - the chicken, or the egg? - and of course, it was the chicken. We killed it because it was loud and ugly. And then we stole Merasmissions from Merasmus (say nothing) and made our own battle pass out of it, and we're calling it the “Scream Fortress Campaign”.

How do you access it? Well, this free battle pass is accessible from the Items button on the navigation bar at the top of our website. Select your contract and complete it, collect souls, and your Tainted Tome (that you can equip in-game!) will level up. By leveling up, you'll get rewards such as Mann Coins, exclusive cosmetics, and keyless crates!

Whether it's your first Scream Fortress or not, now's your chance to get so scared your pants will be self-conscious on 7 of the past Scream Fortress maps, alongside these 5 new ones.


Game Mode: King of the Hill

Authors: Prosciutto, YM, Exactol, Diva Dan, Void, boomsta, Vapour-shark, Dr.Face, UGLYdumpling, Equinoxo, ASG_Alligator, DatGmann, Tumby, Evil knevil, NassimO, DeRoseJ, Rexy


Game Mode: Player Destruction

Authors: Sandwhip, Freyja, Yrrzy, EmNudge, Lo-fi Longcat, 14Bit, Lazersofa, Maid of Heart


Game Mode: King of the Hill

Authors: pont, iiboharz, Yrrzy


Game Mode: King of the Hill

Authors: MegapiemanPHD, FGD5, hutty, DatGmann, Blaholtzen, Frying Dutchman, pont, Mic


Game Mode: Payload

Authors: ICS

Some of you are so passionate about Halloween they release their cosmetics on October 1st. But do these people have any notion of taste? Of course not. Do we have something better to show you? No, because someone on the team got so afraid of our cosmetics they called the police, who confiscated them. Then our elite content managers broke into the police station to get them back and now there's an international arrest warrant on their heads. If you see them, say nothing. Anyway, enjoy those spooky hats and clothes.

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