That's right, this time we are adding NINETEEN cosmetics all at once. Just one short of twenty! Now you can stop complaining about the lack of shiny hats and pristine shirts for you to wear! And if you are wondering why on earth we decided to add Winter themed sniper cosmetics in a summer update... Well... That's simple... It's because... It's currently winter in Australia! Yes... That's right! And absolutely not any other reason than the one we just gave!

RED and BLU fight over control of a top secret data center located somewhere in the Badlands.

Made by: iiboharz

Rumble in the jungle! It's time to shine your guns and reload! BLU team has been digging up some gold but they want to expand their operation. They want to take over the RED's logging facility, their spying satellite and their whole base!

Made by: ICS, sean, Marmalade Tim, Sheltr and Hakk1tus

Welcome to Sludgepit! Red's base and facility set in a big Northwestern forest, Red opened up a Logging, Cargo and Chemical waste facility which is their main source of incomes. What people not know is that it is actually their secret base where they store their rocket launch codes, Blue that recently opened up a coal mine got jealous of Red's succes and came up with a plan. Blue's task is to push a bomb on a cart to the Chemical waste storage and blow it up.

Made by: AsG_Alligator and Prosciutto

The W.A.S.P. Launcher

A rocket launcher for the Soldier.

+20% explosion radius-10% damage penalty-20% projectile speedCreated by: Gadget, Sims_doc, Vipes and ZombiePlasticClock

The Bolshevik Bomber

"This thing could kill an elephant and whatever is in a 10ft radius of said elephant."

A shotgun for the Heavy

Enemies splat on kill+25% damage bonus-20% slower firing speedThis weapon deploys -20% slower-25% clip sizeCreated by: FiveEyes, Metaru, Square and Sir Kibbleknight

The Carved Cutter

A knife replacement for the Spy.

Created by: Kirillian and robsan

We have also shipped balance changes to our previous set of weapons (The Thumper, The Gamma Gazer and The Hypodermic Injector) following a long time (4 months!) of feedback. You can read the changes in full details in the patch notes.
(Yes, we know, 4 months is way too long to have unbalanced weapons. We will now have much quicker balance patch cycles going forward.)

Tired of having annoying guests in your home? We can offer you the best solution to this problem - a baseball bat! This unit, with the help of a special sweep in the air and subsequent use on your target, is able to save you from all problems, living and not, in mere seconds. For our gourmet customers, we have also released an additional premium model of this device with a built-in usage counter. Using them, you can compete with your neighbours in many ways, such as who can kill everyone else the fastest. This product may seem strange to many, and we can answer that it is. Mainly because these counters are called exactly like that: Strange counters. Very creative, isn't it?
Introducing, for the first time at Creators.TF: Strange Items.

Strange drops can be obtained via crate drops (even older ones) or, if you are an impatient human, you can just buy a "Strangifier" directly through the store and apply to your item of choice. It's that easy!

To start the inventory rework, we need to explain that every inventory will now have 5 max pages by default. Similarly to TF2's inventory system, if you want to expand your backpack, you can do it by simply buying a "Backpack Extender" in the store.

But what if you could scrap or delete a lot of items at once? Well, now you can! With the addition of "Bulk Actions", deleting or scrapping your items has never been easier. And it shall remain that way...
We also added the ability for you to fully customize the placement of your items in the inventory. Wanna put everything at page 5? Go for it. Wanna put one item in every page? Go for it.
And, as usual, as with every major event, new contracts have been added based on the content introduced. In addition to that, we've added new contracts to the "creators" campaign!
So, if you think you are an expert with your class, try your skill in these contracts!

For the duration of the event, the new weapons are only obtainable through completing the contracts in the "classful" campaign.
  • Enabled Classful Event on every Creators.TF server.
    • Event runs through August 23th, 2020.
  • Added 3 new community-made maps to the rotation:
    • Databank (King of the Hill)
    • Rumble (Control Point)
    • Sludgepit (Payload)
  • Added 3 new weapons:
    • Carved Cutter - A melee reskin for the Spy.
    • The W.A.S.P. Launcher - A primary weapon for the Soldier
      • -10% damage penalty
      • -20% projectile speed
      • +20% explosion radius
    • The Bolshevik Bomber - A secondary weapon for the Heavy
      • +25% damage bonus
      • -20% slower firing speed
      • This weapon deploys 20% slower
      • -25% clip size
  • The Hypodermic Injector
    • Now stores up to 500 health points - Holds 1 charge (500 healing done)
    • On hit: Heal teammate for 100 HP and apply 1.5 seconds of currently equipped uber from medigun (consumes charge)
    • Decreased firing speed from 10% faster to -20% slower
    • Increased damage penalty from -20% to -25%
  • The Gamma Gazer
    • Metal is no longer required to destroy a sapper
    • Reduced damage bonus from 100% to 30%
    • Reduced accuracy from 100% to 70%
    • Reduced slower firing speed from -350% to -125%
    • Added an "Alt-Fire" (Use 50 metal to pick up your targeted building from long range)
  • The Thumper
    • Reduced damage bonus from 130% to 110%
  • Changed the map rotation
    • Removed the following maps:
      • Mercenary Park
      • Mossrock
      • Powerhouse
      • Suijin
    • Added the following maps:
      • Gravel Pit (Control Point)
      • Gullywash (Control Point)
      • Mountain Lab (Control Point)
      • Process (Control Point)
      • Snakewater (Control Point)
      • Yukon (Control Point)
      • King (King of the Hill)
      • Banana Bay (Payload Race)
      • Nightfall (Payload Race)
      • Pipeline (Payload Race)
  • Previous weapons are now purchasable through the store. This will also be applied to the current weapons at the end of this event.
  • Added the Classful Keyless Cosmetics Crate
    • Contains 19 new community-made cosmetics.
  • Added new contracts.
  • Added Stranges
    • Strangifiers can be obtained via drops through crates (including previous ones) or directly purchased through the store via the "Tools" section.
  • Redesigned the Inventory layout
    • Added "Bulk Actions".
    • Added the ability to right click an item and do all actions (Use, Delete, Scrap, go to Loadout).
    • Added the ability to customize the inventory item's placement by simply dragging and dropping.
  • Added "Backpack Extender"
    • Inventories are now restricted to 5 pages by default. You can extend it by using a "Backpack Extender" (25 maximum).
  • Fixed a bug on Attack/Defend gamemode where the map gets force ended after the map timer has elapsed.
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