Many, many moons ago, we all thought that Gray Mann and his brainless robot army were defeated for an eternity. Smack! Bang! Dead. But one warm summer's day, while the mercs were battling for the 7,892nd time to get the intelligence, an ambush of robots fell out of the sky like a lightning bolt. Bam! They were out for blood and oil, but nothing beats the urge for revenge. All that remained were destroyed bases, raided out stockpiles and empty-handed men. Not wanting Mann Co to be destroyed forever, the remaining mercenaries banded together to take down Gray Mann's next campaign.

Gentlemen, get ready for Operation Digital Directive!

PotatoMVM.TF is a TF2 community project which aims to create custom content for Mann vs Machine. They have run several campaigns in the past which you may have heard of such as Titanium Tank, Canteen Crasher, Memes vs Machines, and Madness vs Machines. They have picked out some of the most challenging and exciting maps and missions for you to defend Mann Co with.

So, your very expensive and valuable base has just been blown up by robots that are slightly dumber than you. What do you do next? Unfortunately, we don't have a "What To Do After Your Base Is Destroyed For Dummies" book on hand, because Pyro burnt down the local library.

Introducing: The Digital Directive Campaign Site, and Mechachievements!

Mechachievements are simple tasks that you can do throughout your deployment time. These will automatically update as you play, so there's no need to worry about focusing on one at a time. The Creators.TF website will also track your tour progress as you play throughout the campaign, so feel free to make fun of your friends for being the last one to cross the finishing line.

"But wait! What exactly are we going up against?" Good question little Timmy.
as part of our campaign, we're introducing two new tours: Platinum Palliative and Malware Mashup with a total of 30 missions across 22 maps that you'll be embarking on!

After Gray Mann was viciously defeated years ago, his team got together and started tinkering away in their super top secret laboratories. They've recently manufactured a new set of robots, which when fresh off the conveyor belt, are far stronger than what we've seen before. Each icon below represent a modification made by us, so you can easily identify them in the mission you get deployed on.

A list containing everyone who worked to make this event possible.