What is it?

Creators.TF Launcher is not just a way to deliver our content in an automated and faster way, but it's also a way for you, the user, to launch and play any TF2 content in a easier way, without having to extract stuff every single time to X or Y folder, the launcher does that automatically for you.

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Other mod support

This launcher isn't only for us, we plan to include support for other project mods in the future. This means you would be able to easily add your own mods from a few supported sources. This also means mods from select partners who wish to have their content in the launcher. Stay tuned for updates on these plans.


In this launcher, we added the ability for it to automatically update itself, so you don't have to manually do it on every release. As of now, this is only working via the .exe (Windows) and .AppImage (Linux) versions of the launcher. So, if you use the unpackaged version, it won't work.

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Open source

The launcher is completely open source, so if you are a developer and want to help with the development of this, feel free to make a pull request! The code is hosted on GitHub. We accept everything from backend to UI changes.

F.A.Q - Frequently Asked Questions

How is there a F.A.Q. for something that just released?

In this case, "F.A.Q." stands for "Fully Anticipated Questions".

Both my browser and O.S. says the installer version is dangerous. Why is that?

During the process of compiling the launcher, we didn't do code signing, that's why your browser and Windows, may identify it as being "dangerous". We don't have a digital signature right now. If we do get one in the future, this section will be updated

My launcher doesn't auto-update itself. Why?

You must be using the unpacked version. The only way to automatically receive launcher's updates is by downloading the installer version of it. If you continue to use the unpacked ZIP version, you will have to manually update on every release.

It's all buggy! Why?!

We are releasing this launcher in a very early stage, basically a public development stage, all types of bugs are expected to come. With lots of people using it, it will be way easier to track and fix them. If you wanna contribute to the development of this, look up the source code repository at GitHub.

I found a bug, where do I report?
I wanna submit feedback, where do I submit it?

You can either email us on support@creators.tf with the subject "Launcher Bug/Feedback" or open an issue on GitHub.

This section may be updated at any time with new questions