Introducing the Self-Made Smissmas update! This is the first update we've put out, and hopefully you enjoy it as much as we do, because we really like it! This update has been a ton of work from the developers, artists, and potted plant of the Creators.TF team. We've been so busy with this that we hadn't even decided on a name for the update until it was practically finished. It's okay though, who needs a good name when the content can speak for itself?
First ever introduced by community!
If we're adding new items, there needs to be a place to put them, right? This is where the Creators.TF Inventory comes in!

Every item you earn through our servers will be stored on your site-based inventory. Right now we support two types of items: Cosmetics and Keyless Crates, which gives you a random cosmetic when you open them.

Opening these keyless crates give you a chance to get unusual versions of these cosmetics. (only official unusual effects are present at the moment).
The text above about unusual effects is outdated and, ever since, they have been disabled in our servers.
Each class, like in the game itself, has a loadout page through which you can change which weapons/cosmetics you want to use on each class.

The Inventory and Loadout Manager can be accessed through the website.

Cosmetics introduced by us can be combined with official cosmetics, but to prevent overlapping and model clipping, official cosmetics will be unequipped if they share equip regions with those that are equipped on your Loadout Manager.
The Contracker is a great tool for managing your contracts, but, unfortunately, there were no new contracts added for it in the official Smissmas 2019 update. It's okay though, because now you are able to complete smissmas-themed contracts in our Community ConTracker! It's just like the ConTracker you've used before, but better!

First off, all of our contracts are free.
That's right, free! As in, costs-nothing-at-all-to-do! Free contracts for all!

Secondly, just like in the official one, the contracts are progress-based, meaning that you'll need to complete one in order to unlock the next one. Completing these contracts rewards you with either specific items or Mann Coins, which can be used to buy cosmetics or crates in the Mann Co. Work-Shop.
You'll be able to access the Community Contracker through the website, which can be loaded on your browser, including the Steam Overlay. You can even load it on your phone and fullscreen it, allowing you to turn your phone into a ConTracker of itself! Equipping the contracts through this is incredibly easy.

Your contract will be changed on the server you're playing on immediately after you click on the Activate button. Simply activate your contract, complete it by finishing the missions and gaining 100 Contract Points, and hit the Turn In button!
Self-Made Smissmas Keyless Cosmetic Crate
Crates can be obtained by completing contracts, finding them randomly, or by purchasing them through the Mann Co. Work-Shop.

Unlike normal crates, though, these don't require a key to be unboxed! They come to you unlocked so that you can get your loot as easily as possible. Just like in-game, when you unbox a crate, you have a chance to get a random item from the crate's contents!

Loot gained from unboxing has a chance to be Unusual with any of the particle effects that are currently in the official game.
Is this an official update?
No. The Self-Made Smissmas is not an official update for Team Fortress 2. It was fully created by Team Fortress 2 community members.
How can I play on the servers?
Click on the big green «Find a Server» button on the website's main page and then select a server to play on.
How can I get new cosmetics?
You can get new cosmetics by either buying them in the Mann Co. Work-Shop or by uncrating Self-Made Smissmas Keyless Crates.
Is it free?
Yes, everything you can get on our servers is free of charge. No need in real money. If you want to support our project, check out donation page.
How can I see my inventory?
Hit the Items tab on the website's header. If you want to manage your loadout, click «Open Loadout» button.
What is the Mann Co. Work-Shop?
It's the store we created for you to buy new items with Mann Coins.
How can I complete the contract?
Hit the Contracker tab on the main website's page and then choose a contract you want to complete. We made it as similiar with official TF2 Contracker as possible.
I have a different question. Who can I contact?
We have a Discord server. If you don't use Discord - we have Twitter. If you don't use Twitter - then we have a Steam Group. And if you don't use Steam for some reason... Contact us on

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